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Are you looking for a luxury self catering Pembrokeshire holiday cottage?…

Choosing a luxury Pembrokeshire holiday cottage for your holiday, or indeed a holiday cottage anywhere, is always a bit of a gamble. You want comfortable, self-catering accommodation in Pembrokeshire.  Somewhere with expansive vistas and sea views.  Somewhere that is child friendly so you can relax and let the stresses and strains wash away.  You’ve worked hard and now it’s a time to enjoy being with your family and loved ones and you want your holiday cottage to be at least as comfortable as your own home.  Warm, snug and welcoming.  If you are looking for  a perfect Pembrokeshire holiday cottage?  You may just have found what you are after!

Treffynnon is blessed with mountain and sea views, nestling in the heart of the Pembrokeshire National Park with direct access to the Preseli Hills.

Maybe you’re looking for an idyllic country getaway but you also want all the creature comforts.  After all you’re on holiday and want to spoil yourselves.  So you’d like the luxury of a log fire, warmth throughout the house, a dishwasher, plenty of fridge and freezer space, a tumble drier, microwave.  A shower that is more than a trickle; in fact oodles of hot water is essential.  And if you’re into cooking and are dreaming of a cosy Pembrokeshire holiday cottage complete with AGA, in which to indulge your culinary creativity, we have a four oven version that provides a fabulous cooking experience.

Here’s what our visitors are telling us:

“Simply the best.  Setting standards that others should be judged by.  Lovely cottage.  Thank you for the wine and fresh flowers.”

Tom & Hana, Malvern


“The house is brilliant and I love the AGA, everything you need!  But my mum loves the wine in the fridge.”

Wainwrights & Jenkins, Monmouth


There are lots more like these but you get the picture.

Choosing A Self Catering Cottage in Pembrokeshire

Sadly, sometimes  a holiday cottage, or self-catering cottages generally, can be  somewhat Spartan and less comfortable than you’d like.  They look fine in the brochure but the reality is different; tired sofas, inadequate kitchen equipment, insufficient hot water, difficult to heat and so on.  In contrast, Treffynnon provides true luxury for a really relaxing holiday.

You might want email and internet access.  Just bring your laptop or iPad and connect to the wireless network.  It’s useful for checking up-to-date times for  local activities like seal watching and boat trips around Ramsey Island.

The problem is, with hundreds, if not thousands of cottages to choose from which do you choose?  It’s a risk, so why take a gamble?

Like you, we’ve holidayed in Pembrokeshire holiday cottages.  Some have been great, some OK and some awful.  The worst was not many miles from here – we stayed one night! So we know what it’s like when it goes wrong.

We’d like you stay in a home that exceeds your expectations.  We’d like you to come again and recommend us to all your friends.

Imagine staying in the beautiful Pembrokeshire National Park, on the slopes of the Preseli Hills with fabulous sea views. Would that suit you?  Or relaxing in front of a glowing fire with a glass of wine after a day’s walking on the hills. How would that be?

Picture the kids playing in a secure environment without having to worry about them. There’s a safe paddock where youngsters can burn off energy while you enjoy a well-earned rest and maybe read a book or two.

Or perhaps you’d like to sit round the fire in the secret garden and bake potatoes with your family.  A lovely spot for long summer evenings or crisp winter days.

So is it available and what does it cost?  Click the link below to find out.

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Want to know more?

Here are a few reasons our holiday makers give for loving their stay at Treffynnon, a jewel amongst self catering cottages in Pembrokeshire.

  • A warm welcome.  Treffynnon is truly a warm and cosy place.
  • The AGA in the kitchen.  Not only is the heart of the house it’s also a fabulous cooking machine with four ovens and two hot-plates.  You can pop a stew, joint or soup in the slow oven before going out for the day and come back to the smell of supper already cooked.  A full English?  Simple.  All done in the roasting oven.  It’s also brilliant for drying and airing wet clothes, so even if you’ve spent a day out in the rain you can start tomorrow dry as a bone.  But be warned many families have left with plans to restructure their home around a new Aga.
  • Underfloor heating throughout the house.  If you haven’t experienced the luxury of underfloor heating you are in for a treat.  The heat comes from where you want it; around your feet.  And there are no draughts or cold spots.  In the winter this means you are warm and snug whatever the weather outside.
  • The wood stove in the living room is there to spoil you.  Sometimes you just want to sit and stare at the flames and think about nothing in particular.  Or spend some time with Robert Ludlum or Jane Austen.  And if the summer evening turns a bit chilly you’ll be cosy within minutes.
  • Virtually unlimited hot water.  One of the most common complaints about holiday cottages is the lack of hot water.  You’ve been at the beach all day and everyone needs a shower or bath to wash off the sand – and the hot water tank is cold after the first one or two have cleaned up.  Treffynnon has a very efficient, hi-tech water system with a HUGE water tank that is constantly being pre-heated by solar panels and topped up by the boiler.  This means even if you do use large amounts, the tank recovers very quickly.  So you can bath or shower at any time of day.
  • Fabulous views of the sea below and the mountain behind.  Whatever the season and whatever the weather the views are stunning.
  • Access to the Preseli Hills from right outside the gate.  No need to drive anywhere.  You can walk straight on to Carn Ffoi and on up to Carn Ingli from the back door.  Not many Pembrokeshire holiday cottages offer this! There is a network of paths that take you to the mountains behind or the town and sea below – without ever getting in the car.  A true walkers’ paradise.
  • Perfect for kids.  The paddock is great for kicking a ball about, playing frisbee or just rushing around. Older children (and adults) will love scrambling about on Carn Ffoi, the iron age fort just up the hill from the house, or splashing in the streams on the hillside.

Well, as we’ve said, picking a Pembrokeshire holiday cottage is a bit of a lottery.  You just don’t know what you’ll get.  So how much is peace of mind worth? We can’t put a cash value on it but we do believe it’s priceless!

Treffynnon is a wonderful house, in a wonderful location, finished to a very high standard.  And if you believe the folks who have stayed here, you’ll love it too.

And finally, here’s our “Welcome Pack” to make your first evening as special and memorable as possible.

“Bottle of Wine”

After your long drive you’ll find a bottle of wine awaits you for a relaxing drink on the patio or in front of the fire.  And it won’t be unpalatable plonk!  We enjoy our wine so it’s only fair that you have something we’d be happy to drink.


“Tea and coffee with milk in the fridge”

Not everyone wants wine on arrival.  If you are gasping for a cuppa you’ll find tea and fresh coffee and milk in the fridge.


Think how you’ll feel sat on the patio with wine or tea watching the sun set over the ocean as the kids romp around the paddock.  Well the good news is, that’s still not all. Because we have a final treat for you.

“Fire laid in the wood stove”

If you arrive too late for the sunset and you’re tired and stressed after the drive just strike a match and within moments you’ll be sat in front of a roaring log fire.  And if you know you are going to be late give us a call and we’ll light the fire so you’ll find flames and glowing embers awaiting you.  You can just flop down on the sofa and chill.


Well we hope that you think Treffynnon will be the ideal place for your holiday – in fact the best of holiday cottages in Pembrokeshire.  But hey, if you still have doubts just read the comments from the Guest Book.  Our visitors do seem to think Treffynnon is the most special of  holiday cottages!

 Pembrokeshire Holiday Cottage puffin

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